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Tu peux ramasser mon oreillette?

buzz, 26 juillet 2010, 3 Commentaires sur 5 224 visiteurs
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La suite de la campagne virale Samsung pour leurs oreillettes kit main libre pour mobiles. Le chasseur Redneck, après ses mésaventures avec les animaux de la forêt part en prison et se fait un nouvel ami… :D

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  1. Jaxon
    11 février 2017, 9:01

    Just saw "Smartest Guys in the Room" for the first time, about the mind=bogglingly audacious fraudsters at Enron. A lot of these types — most, all ? — are sociopaths pure and simple. Even Larry Summers fills the bill, or so I am beginning to think.Another interesting factoid: the female v.p. at Enron who finally blue the whistle I knew about already, but the twe-ytnsomething female reporter at Forbes who cracked them wide open is news to me. That brings the total number of heroines in the great financial crisis up to, what, 7 or 8? Versus one or two males. Steve should do a story on the gender disparity.

  2. sex on motorcycles
    15 mars 2017, 10:36

    You are incorrect. The Gov't foreclosed on the Mustang Ranch satisfy bankruptsy, but a federal judge wouldn't allow an operating liscense. It sold only a few months later at public auction. Bad for you to post things as fact that you haven't researched to confirm they are fact!

  3. 02 sep 01, 2006 3:26 Pedorrooooooooo!Yo también te quiero! Por cierto, ya te iba a regañar por usar explorer pero veo que simplemente el plugin no detecta el Maxthon bien. Supongo que es porque esá basado en el motor de Iexplorer.

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