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  1. Roberta
    02 juillet 2016, 23:13

    Yo creo que el verdadero logro sería decirnos si la arginina produce el efecto que dicen en el anuncio que produce, o no. Ahí está la tomadura de pelo al esotaecdpr y a la ciencia.

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    14 novembre 2016, 2:18

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    14 novembre 2016, 11:34

    I thought your video was awesome. I was up there in Feb. 2010, I went out from Fishermans Wharf as well. Where you turned off the main road heading to your shack. My buddies shack was the other way (left from the main road #60) I pulled my perm up there. We didn’t catch much, but to me the idea is to relax and enjoy your time fishing. Thanks for your post.

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    16 novembre 2016, 4:48

    How come the migration process for things like Blogger, Checkout, AdSense, AdWords, Analytics and other services is so epically broken? I've got literally 100s of users complaining and no response from your support team – which I pay for!

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    01 mai 2017, 22:03

    Herlig liten kar du har her, Petunia! Flott bilde!Er litt i tvil om hva det er?Takk for at du minner meg på fuglematen. Det er større mulighet for å fange dem på minnebrikka da. ;)

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