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La Honda X-wing

befaure, 05 mars 2008, 1 Commentaire sur 2 564 visiteurs
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Pour avoir la classe (et la force), roulez en Honda X-Wing, sortie tout droit de Star Wars (et du journaldugeek)

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  1. Madge
    11 février 2017, 12:58

    you think that is bad, I was minding my own business during the warm up when Mr. 1 HSPU harshed on my inflexible / awkward looking squat. Looking back on this morning, its definitely not what we’ve come to expect from 6AM – to extend the Guns & Roses analogy, it’s like 6AM just hit the “Use Your Iln2lios&#8u21; phase.If things don’t turn around, the 7:30pm class is a great bunch of hardworking friendly folks & very welcoming of people from other class times.

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