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Google Marketing Viral

chewbacca, 15 avril 2008, 2 Commentaires sur 5 385 visiteurs
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Google Allemagne diffuse un clip qui présente le moteur de recherche comme une ouverture sur le monde. Le vrai monde qui bouge.

Je préférais la pub russe pour Gmail.

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  1. Gert
    11 février 2017, 11:52

    It’s a relief to find sooemne who can explain things so well

  2. http://bestcoingenerator.pro/
    04 avril 2017, 21:05

    aw thx for the videos! brings back happy memories. i love the way he looks at her, and she totally loves it. i feel like they always understand each other, like, she gets his jokes. she maybe shy cuz of the cameras but she totally loves the attention and even tease him back with the remaining perero/bread in her mouth! hahaa love them!

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