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Britney Spears Anniversaire

buzz, 01 décembre 2008, 4 Commentaires sur 6 089 visiteurs
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Britney Spears fête son anniversaire au British nighclub. Elle a vraiment beaucoup d’amis Britney (ou pas)

En tout cas, je sens que ça repart pour elle…

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  1. Agatha
    11 février 2017, 7:56

    chachacha, to umyvanie v potoku ti teda nezavidim, ja som taka rozmaznana, ktovie ci by som to prezila…a to overovanie slovom, no secia picovali jak chore vrany v sacku ak som to zrl..uasi.no co uz

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  3. talking tom
    24 avril 2017, 18:44

    I’ll cop to self aggrandizement, KLC. I was feeling quite prideful. Still, if your wife had a baby, you’d LOVE those rib-eyes with mushrooms and baked potatoes. (And I would feel aggrand…)

  4. cheap car innsurance Kingston
    10 mai 2017, 15:55

    Other than agreeing with Sharon, I can only say to you that you have very poor reading comprehension skills. This post is about the American people and their reactions to 9/11. We aren’t interested here in your pet theories. Go peddle them elsewhere – at least today.

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